It’s time to launch the lifestyle brand of your dreams…


From concept to creation you are one step closer to launching your brand and living the life you’ve always dreamed of!


→ Are you ready to launch a lifestyle brand but have no idea where to start?

→ Do you want to build a loyal digital following?

→ Do you want a step-by-step guide that will help you launch in 25 steps?

Guess what? You are not alone. Yes, your pretty brand CAN be successful. And yes, you can (and will) prove them all wrong!


I will never forget the day I called my mom to tell her I was planning to leave my six-figure medical sales salary and start my own business. It was a Tuesday morning and I was sunbathing on a pink flamingo float at the pool. I remember telling her I was planning a photoshoot and needed a tulle skirt because I was going to be the face of the brand. She thought I was crazy…


Fast forward 6.5 years later, and well, yes—you can still catch me on my pink flamingo float at the pool, but this time as I run my seven-figure empire.



You want to learn how I launched and monetized my lifestyle brands (and how I did this with under 15,000 followers!)

You want to understand what it really means to be the face of your lifestyle brand.

You need a deeper understanding of the strategy behind your pretty brand!

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  • The power of a lifestyle brand and how to monetize

  • How to create content like a boss in order to maximize engagement

  • The secret to launching a lifestyle brand that has no competition

  • The why behind your brand and why it is your secret weapon

  • How to engage with your ideal client on social media with the little details

  • How to authentically build your brand authority

  • The secret to building a lifestyle brand that can pivot

  • How to launch a lifestyle brand from concept to creation… a twenty-five step guide!

  • BONUS! I am including (for FREE!) a Lifestyle Brand Resource List that I use daily to run both of my brands!

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Hi, doll! I’m Caroline — it’s so nice to *virtually* meet you! I am the Head Doll + CEO of @poshpr and the Influencer behind @thecarolinedoll. I created this guide for YOU. I am passionate about launching pretty brands and empowering entrepreneurs, so you are definitely in the right place! XoC